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Why do I need an Alarm Response service?

When your business is closed and your intruder alarm goes off, you have three choices: Attend yourself, ask an employee to attend, or pay a security professional to attend. A professional alarm response service working to BS7984 will often attend very quickly and immediately carry out a detailed check of your premises; only calling the emergency services or disturbing your evening if there's a problem that needs your attention. Using the services of a professional company means that you're not disturbed, your employee's don't lose productivity through sleep depravation, and the alarm activation is investigated in a methodical way by someone who does so as a profession. 

Alarm Response

When your intruder alarm goes off or your CCTV detects an intruder, we at K9 Protection understand the importance of a fast and professional alarm response service.

K9 Protection provide a fast alarm response service to businesses in South Wales with mobile patrols covering Cardiff, Barry, Penarth, Newport, Pontypridd, Caerphilly, Cwmbran, Blackwood, Pontypool, and up as far as Tredegar and Ebbw Vale. Our licensed, vetted and experienced mobile security guards will respond to your alarm call and attend as quickly as possible to ensure the security of your premises. With K9 Protection handling your alarm response, the flow is as follows:

  • Alarm or CCTV is triggered and a call is received from your alarm monitoring station
  • Your monitoring station call K9 Protection's dedicated response hotline, and we'll log the incident
  • The incident is passed to the nearest patrol including general location details and the timer is started
  • The security patrol guard will accept the task, at which point our system will send them a map, a reference number to the keys they'll need, and any codes they require.
  • When the security patrol arrives on site, they will show as "on scene" using GPS technology. The first thing they'll do is check the perimeter before making their way to the alarm panel. The next thing they'll do is snap the security seal on your keys in order to remove them from the safe and let themselves in to the premises.
  • Once our guard reaches the alarm panel, they'll silence the alarm and check the log to find out what caused the activation and carry out a detailed check of the area to allow us to understand the cause.
  • When the area that caused the intruder alarm to trigger, our mobile guard will either:
    • When an intrusion is found - we'll follow the instructions we have, whether that be to arrange boarding up and re-securing, or to call a member of your team
    • When no intrusion is found, but a cause is found - we'll do our best to remove the cause, whether it's a poster flying in the air conditioning, or a crisp packet shorting out an electric fence, then we'll reset the alarm.
    • When no intrusion is found and we can't find a reason - When our guard has exhausted options and can't find a cause for the intruder alarm to sound, they will reset the alarm and wait for a 15 minute period to make sure the alarm doesn't reactivate.
  • Once the premises is secured, our guard will "clear down" the job and will fill in their report, including any useful photographs, suspicious people and vehicles, and a detailed account of their actions. You'll receive a copy of the report automatically the following morning to peruse with your morning cuppa.

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Published Response Times

At K9 Protection, we're proud of our alarm response times... so proud we link our website in to our patrol management system, making our response statistics public for all to see Live Response Times.

Let us respond for you

Why interrupt your productivity? Not only is it safer for your staff to allow our experienced professionals to attend your alarm on your behalf, it also means your keyholders can always come to work fully rested.

Consistent service - Year round

Come rain or shine, our security patrols are ready and waiting for your call. Our team respond with the same professionalism in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no increased rates for public holidays.