Customer Experience Key Holding

As one of the area's longest serving security key holding companies, K9 Protection are experienced in providing keyholding as part of an alarm response and mobile patrol solution - a service that our clients regularly contact us to praise, and once they start using us tend not to look elsewhere. Taking our key holding service one step further, what if K9 Protection's mobile key holding team could add value to your own service delivery? How, we hear you ask? In simple terms, that's as flexible as your needs.

Examples of ways which our key holding team currently assist our clients include:

  • Attending lock-outs - Allowing residents back in to their rental property when they've mis-placed their keys
  • Vehicle drop-off - Allowing our client's customer to safely park their vehicle within the client's compound out of hours
  • Remote reception - Providing an on-call solution to property charter clients, providing basic services such as power & boiler resets, and arranging tradespeople where required.

If you have a requirement where you think "wouldn't it be nice if we could......", then give us a call and speak to one of our team and we can work with you to design a process and implement a solution that works for you and your customers, whilst not impacting security.