Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile patrol and night-guarding service for South Wales

K9 Protection Ltd is an SIA Approved Contractor providing complete a security service. A key service we offer is a mobile patrol solution to businesses across the Cardiff and Newport areas. Our SIA licensed security patrol team will visit your premises when you're not there in order to both act as a deterrent and to carry out checks on the security of the premises.

Why do I need Mobile Patrols?

When you look at an enterprise park or industrial estate, the hustle & bustle of an active and thriving estate during the day can be mightily different to how that estate appears once the sun goes down and the people of the night take over. A mobile guarding service will not only identify any weakness to your buildings security such as doors and windows left ajar; but more than this, they send a message to anyone watching that your building is protected. Attending at random times through the course of an evening a mobile patrol is unpredictable and for that reason the risk alone of them attending can be enough to deter intruders and move them on to a softer target. Mobile patrols can benefit any business who would be affected by theft or break-in, but it's our experience that they can most benefit clients who carry stocks of semi-precious metals or other raw materials which are in demand.

What are Mobile Patrols?

Whether you're responsible for the security of a single premises or a large industrial estate, our security patrol solution can be adapted to work just the way you need it to in order to give your business the level of security it deserves and provide a night security service that proves effective. Whether it's a simple check to make sure the alarm was set or you require our patrol officer to carry out a more thorough check of all doors and gates across an estate, we believe we're the best option to ensure your security.

When it comes to our mobile patrol team, each one of our security patrol officers is not only fully vetted prior to being employed but they are suitably experienced within the role, often with decades of experience within the security industry. Our well-maintained security patrol vehicles are fully sign written with just enough reflective branding to capture the attention of any opportunist thieves that may be lurking, and deter them from committing a crime at your premises. We have vehicles on the road providing mobile patrols in Cardiff, and mobile patrols in Newport - with both routes taking in the surrounding areas as part of their rounds.

The key elements of our mobile guarding service that we believe make a difference are:

  • Our professional approach - Organised, qualified and experienced patrol officers with good back-office systems make for a smooth operation.
  • Digital tagging through our proprietary patrol management system - Ensures all areas are visited as per the client's requirements.
  • Security patrols being carried out on a random pattern and at random times - The unpredictability makes our client appear a harder target.
  • Digital reporting & billing - From our guard's phone to the summary report, our paperless systems are tried and tested.
  • Well presented vehicles - Making would-be thieves reconsider with our presence.

We work with our clients to tailor our mobile patrol service to their needs; be it multiple nightly patrols, a weekend-only service or a shared security patrol service between neighbours - we can adapt to your requirements and dynamically adapt the service based on any specific intelligence.

Contact us today to discuss your needs in confidence and to arrange a complete security audit or service trial.