CCTV Rapid Deployment Towers

Temporary CCTV solutions for remediation, construction, and beyond.

At K9 Protection we've spend many years responding to intruders in both the corporate and construction worlds and during this time we've seen the benefits and pitfalls of many systems. It's taken us 9 years to bring a CCTV solution to market which we'd be happy to put our name to and here it is.

There's many solutions for CCTV within the construction industry, starting from the entry level "Video Verified" cameras and their ultra low definition clips which are normally slow to arrive and often lost somewhere along the way and ranging up to fully hard wired CCTV solutions which are perfect for long term works which are scheduled over a long period of time but can be seen as overkill for a smaller site who don't want the overhead of cabling and the manpower involved in installation. The middle ground here is where K9 Protection's RDT CCTV Towers come in. Whilst there are other CCTV tower providers, not all towers are equipped to the same level. At K9 Protection, we have towers ready to deploy which are all equipped as follows:

  • 4 of the latest HD CCTV Cameras with either InfraRed or "ColorVu" technology - with regular technology refreshes as improvements are tried and tested
  • 4 long range motion sensors - not relying on video movement to trigger the alarm
  • Up to 12 additional cameras and motion detectors, beam breaks or switches on each tower, with both wired and wireless options available and can include ANPR & Line Crossing solutions.
  • High speed 4g to allow 2 way communication with the site and fast detection
  • Mains, Site Power, and self powered versions available.
  • Each tower is supplied with a tablet which will wirelessly connect and allow you watch the cameras in real time and play back footage.
  • All of our towers are monitored within our K9 Command Centre where our team will dispatch Police, Fire Service or Security Patrols as required
  • All of our towers are included on our "fanatical resilience" service - Whether it's leaves, tarpaulin, or other causes, we'll attend site to attempt to stop false activations - it's our aim to only "mute" a site's signals as a last resort.
  • For systems with no external wired cameras, repositioning the tower can be completed in minutes.

One Rapid Deployment Tower with only the attached cameras can provide effective coverage for a construction site ranging from small utility works and road repairs up to a site the size of a football pitch. As the site gets taller and our 6M masts are no longer effective, additional cameras can be added to the system to ensure minimal blind spots and effective cover remains.

Every service we provide has been thought out prior to commercial release and our Rapid Deployment CCTV towers are no difference. We only provide CCTV systems within the Cardiff Metropolitan Region (Cardiff to Newport, and up as far as the A465) and we only provide systems to sites we are able to effectively service with our mobile patrol team. Contact us today for a quotation.