Caerphilly Security Guards

A complete security guard service for Caerphilly 

There's so much more to Caerphilly than a famous castle and famous cheese! 

K9 Protection Ltd has experience in providing security guards in Caerphilly and covers the whole region from our dedicated offices just 10 minutes away. We have many years of experience in placing construction site guards in Caerphilly and the surrounding areas between Treforest, Nelson and Bedwas and building security services to manufacturing and warehousing clients.` Being in business since 2011 and physically being based just up the road in Newport, we have the local knowledge and local guards that allow us to provide effective security services.

Caerphilly has a number of mobile patrol and alarm response providers; some are national providers, and some are small one-man businesses. At K9 Protection we take our role as your first line in local alarm response services seriously and publish our response times in real-time on our website and provide digital reports for all call outs, and work with the Police and other agencies where required to ensure the best all-round service.

The fact you're looking at a website for a Caerphilly security guard company says you've already got an idea of the service you're looking for, but here's what makes our security guard service different from the rest:

  • A Living Wage Foundation accredited supplier
  • Paperless operation through the use of mobile devices, custom-built software & digital reports
  • Mobile support no more than 30 minutes from the guard
  • Respectful relations with local policing
  • Guards that have really been vetted, and where necessary DBS checked