Security Guard Services

K9 Protection Ltd are an SIA Approved Contractor providing a solution that fits around each client's individual security requirement. Whether a long term guarding requirement for your building, or a short term "fast ball" assignment we can help. We can quickly provide site security for a premises which has suffered loss as a result of a recent break-in or to help with any specific threat .

What is a Security Guard?

In the UK, a guard (or security officer if you prefer) is an unarmed individual that must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in order to legally work within the private security industry. All security guards have to obtain basic qualifications which allow them to obtain the licence, and must have a clear criminal record (although certain spent convictions are allowed). All security guards should have at least basic counter-terrorism training and training now includes a requirement for first aid training for all of those coming in to the industry - with this being rolled out through an "upskilling" programme for new entrants to the industry.  Depending on the role they carry out, each guard should be offered regular CPD training by their company which is relevant to the tasks they undertake.

What does a Security Guard do?

Security guarding roles are broad and the exact role will depend on the industry the guard is employed to work in. In general terms, an SIA licensed security guard will work to a set of assignment instructions which have been agreed between the security company and the client and should be in line with the standards set out in BS7499. The actual specifics of the role may vary between sites but the end goal is the same: to keep the site secure. A guard employed to look after an industrial unit may be required to carry out regular patrols and "tagging" points as they go. A guard employed to look after a corporate building may be based on a front desk and their role may be a mix of searching people entering and basic concierge duties. Whilst the qualification may be the same and the end result is to achieve a secure environment, the actual tasks undertaken to achieve the end result are likely to vary greatly. 

Security Guards

We are small enough to know our individual team members, and big enough to have the manpower you need in order to provide a complete man guarding service. K9 Protection are able to tailor a security guard service that involves the right security officers, the right technology, the right shift patterns, and most importantly, the right management approach in order to protect your business. We can provide security guards for many scenarios whether for a construction site, abandoned building, or operational premises.

Our manned guarding service, whether site guards or building concierge includes all of the following at no extra charge:

  • RAMS: A complete site survey and risk assessment are carried out prior to us providing security guards, allowing us to develop a safe system of work for the team.
  • Security Management Experience: Our management team bring with them many years of relevant industry experience, providing security services to many industries and will work with you to provide the best solution to secure your premises.
  • Uniformed security staff: Our experienced, vetted and SIA licensed security guards are provided uniform and appropriate PPE.
  • Lone Worker Safety: A lone worker safety system which requires regular check ins from our security guards and features a GPS distress system should immediate assistance be required.
  • Tax & Insurance: Our security guards are all employees on our payroll, we don't subcontract, nor harvest unvetted staff on social media.
  • Paperless Operation: Our security patrol management software generates timesheets, security incident reports and daily occurrence logs which are distributed electronically.
  • Guard Tags included as standard: Our security patrol management software was developed internally and uses the latest technology to ensure our guard patrols are carried out as set out in the requirements.
  • Signage: We provide appropriate levels of signage free of charge which can act as a deterrent to anyone considering breaking in to your premises.

If there's something we've missed call us to discuss the specifics of your requirement, and if we can tailor a security solution to work with your requirements, then we will.

Our Region

We work on the basis that no security guard will be further than 30 minutes travel time from the nearest mobile support. Our services are provided between Cardiff, Newport and Bristol in the south, up through Pontypridd, Blackwood and Pontypool as far as the Heads of the Valleys, providing in a service across Merthyr Tydfil, Tredegar, and Ebbw Vale. Our Newport Security Services and Cardiff security services are managed from our control room based in the heart of Newport, Gwent.

Patrol Management
Fully logged security patrols

Our security patrol logger system uses both GPS and NFC technology and was developed from scratch to link in to our back-end systems. Our team are audited to ensure they are patrolling as expected and training requirements are automatically flagged up on a daily basis.

Experienced Guards
High Value Cable Theft

We've a versatile team and have security guards for all occasions, and undoubtedly we'll have the right guards for your particular task. We've experience in industries from building concierge services to high value phases of any construction project within South Wales.

Working Together
Working with CCTV

K9 Protection Ltd provide security manpower services and temporary CCTV towers. We can work alongside your existing electronic security supplier in order to provide a complete service. Should you require a broader security solution, we've many companies that we have strategic partnerships with that we've worked alongside for many years who we'd be happy to introduce you to. 

Manager within 30 minutes

All of our guards are within a 30 minute journey for our managers, should they need our support on site.

Lone Worker Checks

All of our security guards are required to check in at least hourly, with a distress call being raised if they don't check in.

Fully vetted staff

Each member of our team has to undergo vetting; both verbally prior to employment, and with more thorough written checks carried out thereafter.