Vacant Property Services

Security Guarding & Patrol Services for vacant sites

Lets start with a true story which has repeated itself for several of our past clients. After many years of trading, an iconic local industry industry has discovered through cost of trade, taking on modern premises or simply lack of succession the business makes the decision to close a site. Because of the local significance, the closure is reported in the local press and given prominence. Whilst a harmless story steeped in nostalgia is a good way for many to say goodbye, it can also be a beacon for opportunists within the criminal fraternity which brings attention to the vacant premises, which subsequently become targets for stripping of all valuable items.

At K9 Protection, we work with building owners, councils, estate agents and loss adjusters in order to provide an effective security service in order to protect vacant premises from being stripped of valuable infrastructure; the type of thing that when missing could reduce the chance of a site being sold as a going concern.

Depending on the size of a vacant building, we have our complete suite of security guarding and key holding services at your disposal, along with services from our partners within the temporary CCTV, site alarm and hoarding industries.

As with all of our services, each project is different. In order for us to provide you with a quotation for an effective security solution, please get in touch and one of our operations team will be able to suggest appropriate options for you.