Security Dogs

K9 Protection provide professional security dog services which can prove far more cost effective than security guards or any electronic solutions when it comes to providing a highly efficient way to both deter, and detect criminal activity on your site.

Guard Dogs

When talking security guard dogs and dog handling, most people have the image of a barking ball of crazy, ready to eat anyone that breaks on to a site. The fact is that whilst there are dogs out there who through lack of training will bite anything that moves and not let go, at K9 Protection we utilise general purpose security dogs. We work with NASDU or BIPDT trained dog handlers who work within the law to provide an effective deterrent and proactive response. The two skills we look for in our security dog teams over and above all others are tracking (the ability to detect and track an intruder in the wind), and handler protection (allowing the handler to carry out his task, and only intervening when the handler is under threat). We utilise experienced security professionals who were already skilled prior to becoming dog handlers; the dog is an effective tool, not the driving force.

Switch on, Switch off
Security Dogs with public

The days of "teeth on a leash" are behind us and a modern security dog is a well trained and well balanced tool in our kit. The security dog teams we use will be versed in a variety of situations and matched to the specifics of your task. Some tasks require a level and balanced dog including stressful situations like crowds of people or children playing on site. Our response will always be proportionate to the threat and dealt with in the best possible way. With intruders, we aim to deter by our presence, and if deterrent fails, we will arrest and detain where we believe an indictable offence has been committed, ready for hand over to the Police.

Searching & Tracking
Dog searching and tracking

A big part of a security dog's appeal is its nose. With a qualified general purpose security dog, you can often carry out work and cover more ground than a team of several security officers could do. There's nothing better than a dog's nose for an early warning of an intruder, allowing us to detect and deploy resources in an ideal position to protect your site.

Suitable Vehicles
Dedicated Security Dog Vehicles

In addition to our dogs and training, dog handlers working with K9 Protection will utilise a professionally equipped kennel van with provision for both dogs and handlers.

High Visibility Dog Patrols
Security Dog visible patrols

K9 Protection have a team of professional dog handlers and their dogs available to our clients. Like all security, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to dog teams. The "look", the "sound" and the skillset of each dog and handler will be matched to the tasking.

When tasking a security dog service, they often form part of a bigger security package. It may be that guard dogs are used as an initial presence in order for word to get around the local area, then scaled back to a guarding service. It may be that a site is of a sufficient size that the use of dog teams and their long-range sense of smell becomes more practical than guards - it has been said that on the right type of sites, a dog is more effective than a team of five guards. Contact us today to arrange a site survey with one of our operations team who will be happy to provide you with a selection of options specific to your needs.