Quality statement


K9 Protection Ltd are a company based in Newport, South Wales who provide Guarding, Mobile Patrol, Keyholding & Alarm Response services to clients within the local area to the standards set out in BS7499:2013, BS7984-1:2016, BS7984-3:2020, BS10800:2020 where suitably qualified general purpose security dogs are used.

This quality management system complies to ISO 9001:2015, excluding clauses and 8.3 as they are not relevant to our business.

The quality management system complies to the CCAS passport scheme.

All work carried out by the business will be carried out in line with the framework of laws and approved codes of practice in which we operate, specifically:

  • Private Security Industry Act 2001
  • Health & Safety & Work Act 1974
  • Guard Dogs Act 1975
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • Other acts and ACOPs will be adhered two where they are relevant but not related directly to our day to day business.

Quality Statement

It is the policy of K9 Protection Ltd to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients at every given opportunity; working within a framework laid out within our quality system to not only operate within people’s expectations, but to identify areas we can improve upon the satisfaction of our clients and exceed in all affected parties’ expectations of us.

The methodology we use to ensure a consistent level of service are referenced in our quality management system (QMS), which is designed to meet and exceed all applicable elements of the BS EN ISO9001:2015 standard.

Our QMS is documented and made available to staff at all levels of the company through both a paper master copy held in the office and a digital copy of the system being stored on a cloud server which is accessible 24/7. In addition to ISO9001, K9 Protection Ltd pledge to meet and aim to exceed all applicable industry codes of practise, legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, both currently published and that may affect us through future legislation.

The senior management team with K9 Protection Ltd are committed to the success of the company, and as such we are fully committed to the adherence to this system, which forms the fundamental backbone of that success. We aim to ensure this happens by:

  • Informing each member of the company of the importance of working within this framework to achieve all client and legislative requirements.
  • We will communicate this policy to all members of staff within the company in an interactive way, ensuring that the message is clear.
  • We will review our business on a regular basis to assess the effectiveness of our QMS an to adapt the system where necessary to bring about improvements.

Original copy signed by top management. Current version 3, dated 06/04/2021