Vacant Property Alarms

Securing your property with technology 24/7

At K9 Protection we offer a complete suite of vacant property security services. We understand that it isn't always practical to install a permanent alarm system on a vacant property - and this is where our temporary remote alarm systems designed specifically to protect void properties & yards come in to play. Give us a call and speak to our team in order to tailor a reliable wireless vacant property alarm solution to your exact requirements, including a combination of any of the following sensor types:

  • Motion sensors
  • Door contact sensors
  • Tilt sensors (Perfect for Velux windows and "up & over" garage doors)
  • Vibration Sensors
  • "Curtain" beams
  • Video verified motion sensors
  • Smoke, Heat & fire detectors
  • Leak & flood detectors

Hire & Commissioning

Our wireless vacant property alarms are geared for rapid deployment, and as such we can deploy a system (providing we have the components on the shelf) within 24 hours. The first step of deciding on a system is generally to carry out an assessment of the property to be protected; ensuring we cover the most likely points of entry and that the hub is in a safe place. The next step would be to plan in at least a couple of video verified motion sensors; when these are triggered, they allow us very quickly to ascertain a genuine intruder as opposed to for example, a poster falling from a wall; it allows our monitoring team to know whether a police deployment is required in addition to our mobile response driver.

As part of the commissioning of an alarm system, we can either install a keypad or fob reader, or we can install a smart phone application on key team member's devices which allows them to securely arm and disarm the system - we can even configure their phone to prompt them when they arrive and leave, thus reducing the number of false alarms.

The system we use has a device-to-base range of around 1700m, in optimal circumstances, making it more than enough for the average building without the use of repeaters. In order to communicate with ourselves, we can use either the building's existing internet connectivity or the mobile data network (Our system will pick the strongest network)

Power Options

Our vacant property alarm system is highly versatile in how it can be powered. Each device included in an installation is battery operated which includes long life batteries which give in excess of 3 years in typical usage conditions. The master unit can be powered either from mains, a battery bank, or with a solar panel mounted externally - in any case each master alarm unit has a power reserve of 16 hours, should the primary source of power be cut.


The glory of using the modern technology we do means that several diagnostic events are happening every few seconds; alerting our team very quickly as to anything that needs to be rectified and thus reducing engineering costs. Some things such as insect infestation and attempts to jam the signal can often be dealt with by our response teams whereas other more technical concerns (such as power issues and low batteries) will report back to our control room and allow us to schedule in engineers to carry out preventative maintenance before it's actually required.

Is this CCTV?

No. Whilst we do offer remotely monitored CCTV tower systems, our void property alarm system is just that; it's an alarm system that happens to offer video verification of alarms, thus reducing the false call-outs for non-security related events (the most common of which are wildlife, plants, and failing blu-tack). The video quality involved in a video verified alarm system is designed to show us "there's someone there" and designed to send us the images within 9 seconds, as opposed to giving a high definition image suitable for a mug-shot and whilst you will see the same system marketed elsewhere as a wireless CCTV system, the imagery is purely a diagnostic tool.