Retail Security Guards

Retail Security that works

When people think of purchasing retail security, they tend to think of a cheap and cheerful shirt on a door, spending the majority of the time looking scary. With K9 Protection, our approach to retail security is slightly different, providing both uniformed and plain clothes security staff as required.

Working for clients who have included some of the UK's major jewellers our approach varies from the norm. When devising a new assignment instruction we will work with the store management and where applicable centre security in order to come up with a SWOT analysis of your current security situation. We will then work out cost-effective areas on which to improve.

Along with providing security guarding service, we are often able to suggest realistic changes that can be made to the existing in-store security systems with little or no cost overhead. We'd sometimes look to subtly change a single camera's field of vision by a few degrees to destroy a hot spot which has been used for a period of time by regular shoplifters, instantly reducing loss.

Wherever possible, we will place regular guards in your store, allowing them to get a true feel for the store's operations and known faces. We'll build a rapport with both the store team and external agencies such as centre security, police, and other agencies.

If you'd like to discuss your needs in more detail, both for permanent and short term guarding requirements, please get in touch to arrange for a full site survey and suggest some options which work for you.