Cookie Policy

This website does not automatically collect any information other than that contained in cookie files.

The party which saves cookie files in website user\'s device and which gains access to these files is the website operator.

Cookie files are data, in particular held as text files, which is stored on the end device of the website\'s user. Cookies usually contain name of the website from which they come, time for which they are to be stored and a unique number.

Cookie files are used:

  • to adjust website content to user preferences and to optimise the use of websites; in particular cookies allow to identify user\'s device and display the website according to his personal needs;
  • to gather statistics, which help understand how users interact with the website. This helps to better organise it\'s content and structure;
  • to keep user\'s session after the user logs in. Thanks to this, user does not have to enter his login and password on each subsequent page of the website;

The website uses 2 particular types of cookie files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which are held in users device until the user logs out and leaves the website or turns off his software (web browser). Persistent cookies are held on users device for a period of time determined by the information held in the cookie or until they are removed by the user.

The website uses the following types of cookie files:

Im many cases, the software used to browse web pages (web browsers) implicitly allows to store cookie files in end user\'s device. Website\'s users can change these settings at any time. The settings can be, in particular, changed to block automatic cookie handling or to inform each time a cookie is saved to users device. Detailed information on the methods and options of handling cookie files are available in the settings section of user\'s device (web browser).

The website operator informs, that restricting usage of cookies may impact the usability of services offered by the website.

Cookie files saved in website user\'s device can be used by website operator\'s cooperating partners and advertisers.

More information on cookie files is available in the \'Help\' section of the web browser.

  • „essential” cookie files, enabling the usage of the services offered by the website, eg. authentication files enabling users to use services requiring authentication;
  • cookie files used to provide security, eg. used to identify abuse of authentication mechanisms on the website;
  • „performance” cookie files, which enable collecting information about the way users interact with the website;
  • „functional” cookie files, which allow for "remembering" of options chosen by the user and personalisation of user interface, eg. setting his language or region he comes from, preferred font-size, etc.;
  • „advertisement” cookie files, which enable providing advertisement content adjusted to users interests.