Construction Guards

K9 Protection Ltd provide security guarding and gate-person solutions to the construction industry, both as a short term reaction to loss, and as a long term proactive part of your project plan.

Dear Quantity Surveyor: Not all security providers are the same. At K9 Protection we work with our clients in order to secure their sites as best we can within the budget limitations which are often present for large scale works. We are a security manpower provider that understand the various stages of a build, and as such work with you to ensure we have the correct level of security at each stage:


We can provide a limited guarding presence through regular mobile patrols, checking your site perimeter remains secure and ensuring any intruders are moved on promptly.


Sufficient guarding to promote health and safety, preventing injury to intruders whilst works are carried out.


As heavy plant starts to get utilised, we can provide a gate-person to book vehicles in and out as required. We can work with one of our CCTV partners to provide a 24/7 CCTV system which alerts our mobile response team should somebody infringe on your site.

Electro-mechanical Installations

We understand that at some stages of development the site will be at higher risk than others, and can boost the guarding presence as needed, for example when high voltage or heating works are exposed.


We are able to provide a professional people-facing security guard to manage access to the site during the final stages of build either before or after PC.

With K9 Protection as your security partner for you next project, risks can be minimised by adapting as we go, and ensuring that each stage of your project has just the right level of security to manage the threat, whilst allowing you to manage the budget.