Subcontract Security

A regional security subcontractor you can trust.

Our Conditions of Subcontract Services

K9 Protection Ltd are proud of our team and bring a collective 100+ years of security management experience to the party. We will evaluate any specific subcontract security requirement on a case-by-case basis and take a team approach in order to provide your client with the best level of protection. Due to the many unscrupulous contractors working within the security industry and the growing number of enquiries from these businesses, we feel the need to make clear our conditions of engagement prior to having many un-necessary conversations with these folks.

  • We will provide services directly to a primary security contractor with good financial standing on our standard trading terms. We will not work as part of a subcontractor chain where we are not employed by the primary contractor. Payment is expected within the agreed terms, regardless of your arrangement with your own clients. 
  • We are happy to sign a non-solicitation contract prior to works commencing. We will not approach or encourage your client to approach us in the 12 months following the end of the task.
  • We will routinely sign a non-disclosure agreement with yourselves and/or your client with the caveat that our whistleblowing policies supersede this (available on request).
  • We will work directly for a master security contractor, providing that they do not offer the service they are asking us to provide within our service area.  
  • We work on a security provision basis and not a manpower only basis - where we provide a service we will provide assignment instructions and carry out a risk assessment to ensure a safe system of work is in place for our team. Our quality system and procedure manual will take precedence over our operations.
  • We are not a "white box" subcontractor. Our staff wear our logo and our vehicles carry our branding. When approached, our team will say they are working on behalf of your business as instructed.
  • By purchasing our services, you agree to operate within our chain of command with amended orders coming through our management team and not bypassing directly to the guards.
  • Should our team attend site and find the security situation is other than disclosed and agreed by yourselves, our contract will be subject to revision. 
  • We are not interested in providing manpower to resolve an avoidable situation

Still interested? 

What we provide

  • We provide SIA Licensed security staff who have been vetted to above BS7858:2015
  • We provide an always-available management team
  • Our guards are all paid Real Living Wage or above
  • We provide a can-do attitude and guards who are capable of communicating verbally and on written reports
  • We provide digital reports and can install tagging points as required. Where we are required to use your tagging system, we require that our management have visibility of the reports on a daily basis
  • Our team wear a smart uniform and will always wear verifiable company identity cards.
  • Online accessible response times for regions.

Subcontract Services

  • We provide K9 support to guarding companies where they have no dog section of  their own
  • We provide alarm response and mobile patrol services to alarm installation companies and remotely monitored CCTV installers
  • We provide security guarding services to out of area companies supporting a client with a presence in the area
  • We provide security guarding services to local security businesses where guarding is not part of their service package.


Our Subcontractor Hiring Policy

We will not generally use the services of subcontractors, with some exceptions where specialist K9 services are required. When we do hire subcontract services they will be sourced only from bona-fide business and each subcontractor will be evaluated prior to agreement to carry out works. Where a security service is provided, all subcontractors will be expected to be members of the Approved Contractor Scheme.


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