Scaffold Alarm Systems

At K9 Protection, we provide a completely wireless solution to your site security needs utilising the latest digital alarm technology as both scaffold alarms and site alarm systems. 

Our remotely monitored alarm system can be configured to include many different detector types in order to keep your construction project safe from trespassers; working as both a ground level alarm and a scaffold alarm system. We utilise a combination of motion sensors, video verification devices, laser trip-wires, and much more to ensure that your site has the most effective coverage and will scare off the most determined of intruders. We understand the dynamics of a site can change as the project evolves and as such can adapt the system as changes occur; what starts as a simple perimeter alarm system can easily be adapted to become a comprehensive site security system including crane-cameras, tilt-sensors on fuel cubes, and the all important video verification system which allows us to confirm activity in order to achieve a faster Police response.  

Each site requires a small base station which acts as the communications hub for the alarm and can be installed to either run on cabin power (with a battery backup), or can be supplied as a solar powered outside solution. The days of wireless communication being slow and easy to jam are fortunately behind us, with initial alarms being sent through to the monitoring team within 3 seconds, followed by images just a few seconds later; when combined with our fast alarm response service we believe this to be a complete solution to the security of your construction project.

K9 Protection have over a hundred years of collective experience within the security industry and we've seen systems come and go; we've also seen some truly terrible site security systems that have managed to stick around. It has taken us ten years to come to market with a temporary alarm system that we're prepared to stake our reputation on. Please get in touch to discuss your site needs and arrange for a site survey. 

Rapid Alarm Transmission

Our scaffold alarm systems send signals to our monitoring team within 3 seconds using the 2g network. The first images are sent within 9 seconds.

Fast Alarm Response

Once the signal is received, our mobile response team will be deployed; the only team with published response times.

Deterred or Arrested

Thanks to the video verification images we're able to verify the alarm to the police, increasing the chance of a rapid response leading to a conviction.