A day in the life of : Paul Green

Name: Paul Green

Job Role: Operations Director

Time with the company: Since Year 0, 8 Years

Describe a typical shift: As cliché as it sounds, there is no “typical” day in my role. Simply put, as operations director for the company, my role is to ensure the right guards are in the right places, and our clients are content. I tend to work a late or split shift to enable me to be best placed to be accessible to our team, and a typical day will generally start with a coffee around 10am as I go through the guard’s notes from the night before and address any immediate causes for concern. As a small company, my role includes an element of account management and needs me to have a close working relationship with our clients, so an element of my week is often spent popping in and catching up with clients. Finally, when it comes to managing service level agreements and ensuring compliance, the buck stops with me – We promise our clients a speedy service, and we are the only company I know of that publish our call-time statistics in near real time, so making sure we’re delivering in line with the company’s mission statement is a huge element of my role.

I oversee an operations team who handle specific areas of the business on my behalf, including an operations manager who manages our staff and ensures KPIs are being hit on a regular basis, and an administration assistant who monitors day to day communications and keeps the business ticking over.

Have you always worked in the security sector? Yes and no – I’ve always dabbled part time, starting life as an IT software engineer but came over to my first full time security management role in 2008.

If not, what drew you to this line of work? As a youngster, it was the free entry in to some amazing live events – and getting to see all my idols while they were still touring. Setting up K9 was simple – I’d seen the industry and its pitfalls, and knew I could do better.

What new skills have you learnt from your role? My role has taught me to be a better people person, and has taught me to empathise and adapt my response.