Student Security

K9 Protection Ltd work closely with the student industry and understand the different approach that may be required when it comes to providing a security solution to the young visitors to our cities during one of the most exciting, yet stressful times of their lives.

Student Guarding

K9 Protection Ltd are able to provide a soft facilities solution based around a licensed security officer for your student building. We hand pick our security team for our student living contracts, and ensure that they have a firm but fair approach to all things security, but with a lean towards customer focused solutions and pastoral care. Some of the tasks our student facilities teams carry out on a regular basis:

  • Desk based concierge service
  • Regular building patrols
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Basic first aid
  • Post room duties
  • Loan equipment handling
  • Fire marshalling
  • Emergency shut-offs (both plumbing and electrical)
  • Resetting plant (with training)
  • Light tidying of communal areas

We are able to provide staff with training in specialist areas such as:

  • Fire marshalling
  • First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • CCTV Licensed staff

Each site is slightly different, and depending on the design, the client's team, and the student wardens/welfare facilities available on site, we can tailor our solution to your needs perfectly.

Student Keyholding

Many companies assume keyholding, and to an extent, they're right. With K9 Protection Ltd our value-added services for the student industry mean we firmly believe we stand out from the crowd when it comes to offering keyholding solutions to the student living industry. In addition to our fast response times and professional team, K9 Protection Ltd are able to provide so much more than just a man with a key to unlock a door. When we attend a student living site on a keyholding call, in addition to the "normal" services you'd expect, we have a guard who:

  • Understands the stressful situation of being locked out
  • Can access your student database and verify identity prior to opening a door
  • Can use access control software where required to re-issue a replacement keycard
  • Is first aid trained, and has a compassionate and pastoral approach
  • Is trained in scene management and evidence preservation skills


If you'd like to speak with somebody today about how we can help provide a reassuring presence on your student living or educational environment, call today for a conversation.

Post Management

In addition to a security guarding service, K9 Protection can manage your post and deliveries for residents staying within your site with our tried and tested post handling services.

Suitably Vetted

We know how important your duty of care to your students is, which is why all of our security staff are vetted to BS7858

Access Control

We know how easy it is to lose a key-card, and whether through on site security or a lock-out response service, we're able to help; verifying identity, replacing key cards, and getting students home with the minimum of fuss in order to allow your residents to get back to their busy lives as quickly as possible.

Reassuringly Monitored

We work with your CCTV installers to ensure that we have a system that works for the building and its guests. Our skilled team are able to use video analytics to monitor a large number of cameras at once and respond rapidly to any potential incidents, no matter how quickly they occur.

A Warm Welcome

At K9 Protection we understand that for many students going away to university is often the largest upheaval in their lives so far. We select guards who strike a perfect balance of security, customer service, and an empathy-led pastoral approach.

No two buildings are exactly the same, and no two requirements will ever be totally identical. If you manage a student housing or learning environment, whether it's a single site or a large portfolio, give K9 Protection a call to see what solutions we could offer for you.