Lumis Student Living - Case Study

“It’s knowing you’ve got someone to rely on, who will go the extra mile, will listen to any issues you’ve got and deal with them immediately - that’s what’s important.”

Lumis Student Living uses K9 Protection Ltd to provide on-site out-of-hours security to its city centre student halls based in Cardiff.

The Challenge 

Making sure the building and its residents are safe and looked after by someone Lumis can trust, when its staff head home, is of the utmost importance. No matter what time or day of the week it is, it’s vital that visitors to the building receive the welcome Lumis expects its staff to provide. Lumis is a customer-facing business and having a security team who can do much more than say ‘come back on Monday’ is essential.  

The Solution

With accommodation of any type, whether it be student halls or a five star hotel, having an on-site security team that is trained and equipped to deal with issues and provide customer-focused solutions, is key to success.

After being selected following a tender process, K9 Protection has provided Lumis with a dedicated security team since Lumis opened three years ago. 

“K9 Protection had a really good reputation from the building company prior to us taking over. The building contractor had had quite a lot of issues on site. [K9 Protection] knew all about them and had already dealt with them, which was a big plus,” explains Kirsty Christopherson, Accommodation Manager at Lumis Student Living.

K9 Protection provides a licensed security guard to work from 5:30pm - 9:30am during the week and 24 hours over weekends and bank holidays. The security officer works to provide the same service at night and weekends as the Lumis staff provide during the day. With a set guard routine, the students recognise the guards and know who’s going to be on site, when. 

“[K9 Protection} is very quick in responding. They know I need cover even before I know I need it! We had to have an extra person for fire regulations and I told them in the morning and they had someone there by evening.”

With a tag point system in place, Lumis can see exactly where the guard has been on their regular security patrols. 

If there’s an out-of-hours emergency, such as a fight or a student becoming ill, K9 Protection will take control of the situation and will only contact a member of staff if absolutely necessary.

When a fire alarm goes off, K9 Protection’s security guard will investigate and take the necessary action, whether that be resetting the panel or informing the fire brigade.

“Overnight, more often than not, K9 Protection will fix [a problem] so we don’t have to pay the callout charge until the following day and don’t have to spend extra on the overnight callout. It’s all those little things that have happened that have saved us money.”

“And price-point wise [K9 Protection] is there with everyone else. It’s not like I’m paying a premium for a premium service - I’m paying the going rate.”

When it comes to out-of-hours security, having a provider that you can trust to look after your customers and buildings when you are not on site is crucial. 

“It’s not me having to go in overnight,” Kirsty explains. “I cannot remember the last time I went in over the weekend or overnight. In that time we’ve had copious amounts of things that I should have had to deal with, but didn’t need to.”

“If there’s a big issue on site in the evening, Paul (K9 Protection Operations Director) will be there before I get there. He doesn’t need to be there. By the time I turn up, I am just at the tail end of it!”

“On the odd occasion we have an issue with a guard, it’s just that one occasion. They take him off site and it’s dealt with immediately, so you don’t have to deal with that guard again -  which I know is a recurring problem on other sites. I couldn’t recommend [K9 Protection] highly enough. They provide an excellent service.”  

Lumis Student Living

Lumis Student Living is a purpose built student accommodation in Cardiff city centre, comprising 544 rooms spread out over two blocks. Opened three years ago, Lumis welcomes students from the University of South Wales, Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan and a number of other smaller independent colleges. As well as studios and en-suite rooms, there is an on-site cinema, a gym and a games room.