Newport Caravans

“It’s just hassle free. I don’t get involved with that side of the business. When I go home I can relax and not worry that the alarm is going to go off at 3am.”

Newport Caravans uses K9 Protection Ltd to provide Keyholding & Alarm Response and Mobile Patrols to its 3-acre site based in South Wales.

The Challenge

With millions of pounds worth of stock on site at any one time, keeping the site safe and secure is crucial. Newport Caravans needed a key holder that they could trust to respond rapidly to an alarm activation and take the appropriate action. Having a reliable key holder who could liaise with their alarm provider directly, in order to minimise business interruption, was key.

The Solution 

Rapid response and thorough investigation of an alarm activation is one of the most important duties of a key holder for any business. 

Since opening in August 2008, Newport Caravans went through a number of different keyholding services before finding K9 Protection four years ago.

“To begin with we used to do it ourselves, it became a pain when alarms were going off at 3am in the morning. We’ve had various key holders since then,” Rob Lynch, one of the owners of Newport Caravans reveals. “K9 Protection are a trusted company. Whenever we try to get hold of them, they’re always on the end of the phone. Other key holders were unreliable, sometimes non attending, other times taking hours to attend.”

K9 Protection is so proud of their alarm response times, these are available to view in real time on their website.

Rob says that before K9 Protection, he remembers having to leave his house in the early hours of the morning because the then key holders were uncontactable. 

K9 Protection liaises with Newport Caravans’ alarm monitoring station directly, so Rob and his colleagues don’t have to be called out during the night.

“We don’t have to wake up and head out at 2am or 3am. We don’t even get called. K9 come out and they send us a report the next morning.”

With an electric fence surrounding the site, Rob explains that one of their biggest problems is false alarms.

“These could be caused by a simple crisp packet. K9 Protection deals with these false alarms for us.”

As well as alarm response, K9 Protection regularly helps Newport Caravans with other security-related issues.

“A couple of carriers for the electric fence were broken and I rang [K9 Protection] and they replaced them and sorted it,” Rob says. "If the alarm or the electric fence is down, they will do mobile patrols. Plus, when they’re driving past, they keep an eye out for us even if they’re not on site. If we have deliveries at 7pm at night, they will come out and do that. If someone doesn’t have keys to lock up, they head over and secure the site.”

Rob reveals that using K9 Protection’s Keyholding & Alarm Response Service has even helped to reduce costs.

“It has saved me money using K9. Years ago, I used to work here and there was a major fire. We had a guard in then and that cost fifty thousand a year. [K9 Protection] is not even a fraction of that. We invested in an electric fence and that was a big investment. So it has been a saving over time with the electric fence and K9 Protection.”

Rob says that one of the biggest advantages of using K9 Protection’s Keyholding & Alarm Response service, is that he can go home at the end of the day without worrying that he’ll be called back out again to deal with an alarm activation.

“It’s just hassle free. I don’t get involved with that side of the business. When I go home I can relax and not worry that the alarm is going to go off at 3am.”

“I would recommend them without hesitation. Whenever I phone, they always answer the questions and sort the situation out. You can’t ask for much more than that!”

Newport Caravans

Newport Caravans sells a wide range of new and used caravans and motorhomes and prides itself on being the ‘one stop’ shop for all caravan and motorhome needs. As well as a sizeable forecourt, their large site includes a spacious indoor showroom, a service and bodyshop area and a supermarket-style accessory shop.