Body Temperature Analysis

As many businesses are preparing to return to a more normal way of operating, at K9 Protection ltd we've added body temperature scanning equipment to our inventory.

Available for both unattended or attended use, our calibrated thermal imagers are a quick and simple system for monitoring for the raised body temperatures which are often present as one of the early signs of the Coronavirus (COVID19) infection in someone's system.

At K9 Protection, we can provide a temporary thermal imaging system inside your premises with the minimum of fuss and clutter. Unlike other systems on the market, our temperature monitoring system is non-intrusive and utilises tried and tested thermal imaging technology to read the body temperature of staff, contractors and visitors without any direct contact with the device. The device would generally be tripod mounted in a position to observe every person entering at the main ingress points to your premises and can be supplied in a fully automated mode or with a trained operator for those premises where there may be a risk of people going un-scanned.

When the system is configured, we'll configure a temperature exception (usually 37.5 degrees) which will not only warn the operator and the scan subject of the temperature alert, but will also send a time stamped email including a head shot of the subject to a predefined list of contacts showing details of the point the temperature was taken, allowing for a digital audit trail to be kept.