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Thank You for your application to work with K9 Protection Ltd. This form is designed to capture a large amount of information in order to process various stages of your recruitment from one document. It allows us to make decisions about your suitability, carry out vetting, and see if there are any adaptations that we may need to make prior to the commencement of your employment with K9 Protection Ltd, should you be successful.

Some of the information sent to us is going to be of a sensitive nature. Please ensure that the "HTTPS" is showing on your address bar prior to filling in this form. Your information will be used for the purposes of sifting and inviting potential recruits to work with K9 Protection Ltd. If you are not successful on this occasion, we will keep your information on file for a period of six months, whereby we will contact you if a different opportunity arises during that time. There is no alternative application process with K9 Protection Ltd. We ask health related questions which will be treated in the strictest of confidence, but may be discussed with you at time of interview. This is two-fold; firstly, your responses to the health questionnaire allow us to ascertain any reasonable adjustments which we may need to make both for interview and for the role you are applying for. Secondly, many of our roles are defined as lone-working and require a certain amount of patrolling, therefore it is essential we ensure we know in advance of our responsibilities to our staff as individuals.

This is an involved form, and it is important that the information provided is accurate; as such we recommend you make a coffee and get comfortable prior to filling it in.  Honesty and completeness is important, as is using accurate dates, as discrepancies discovered at the vetting stage may result in an offer of employment being withdrawn.

We have added as many validations as possible to the application form without it becoming difficult to fill in, applications with missing information will not be kept, and due to the sheer volume of applicants we receive it is not possible to contact everyone that hasn't filled the form in correctly. 

Applications may be sifted by machine. It is possible for you to contact us through the contact page of this website and request a manual sifting.

Only one application will be held on file for any individual in a six month period. There is no need to apply for several similar positions which arise.