Day in the life of : David Martin

Name: David Martin

Job Role: Operations Manager

Time with the company: Since Year 0, 8 Years

Describe a typical shift: No two days are the same, each one can be so different from, hectic to calm, but the one thing that stays the same is the guards.

 My role within the company is to work with our guards, making sure they are doing what is required of them in line with the client’s requirements, visiting guards on sites carrying out audits ensuring the security of the site is maintained and kept to a standard that myself and the client expect. The evenings or early hours of the night is the best time I find to do this as our guards often get a hot drink or a beverage of some kind brought to them.

 When I’m in the office the coffee machine is my first stop, providing I remember the milk. Recruitment is my responsibility, from checking the application forms  to the interview process. I also review policies and procedures to ensure they are fully up to date. Any changes are rolled out to the team so they are delivering a first class service to our clients.

 Myself, Paul and Sam are currently working on some compliance updates to our internal systems which monitor the high standards we expect of our guards and this will help my staff audit visits, as i can gain direct access to team performance records.  This will enable me to praise where praise is deserved and give feedback to the team if any has been passed on from clients. 

Have you always worked in the security sector? No, I started working in the security industry back in 2004, before this I was an electrical engineer.

If not, what drew you to this line of work? I wanted to do something which had more interaction with people, so I started doing security at events and concerts, and before long this became my main job and I haven’t looked back since at the change of career.

What new skills have you learnt from your role?

I have developed my knowledge in several areas including quality standards, policies and procedures in the security industry, health and safety and researching the standards needed to acquire approved contractor scheme which is currently a work in progress for us.