Day in the life of : Sam Edwards

Name: Samantha Edwards                          

Job Role: Admin assistant

Time with the company: 2 months

Describe a typical shift: My day starts by catching up on the team chat since my last shift which gives me an idea of what I’ll be needed to that day. I am usually first in the office and my first job of the day is to load up my email and the incident logs that have come in overnight which require further action or sending to clients. I can then create my to do list for the day which typically contains the items requested by the management team, working my way through the request queue – things such as annual leave requests, pay queries, shift swaps from staff and any client e mails that may need my attention. Any incident logs that need chasing up to be completed and sent off will generally go onto my list. The rest of my shift can go in a few directions, if we are recruiting, I can be reviewing application forms and inviting people in for interview, if interviews are complete then I can be setting the new staff up on the system and going through our vetting procedure for them. I manage our social media so some of my day can be spent researching for content that we wish to share and schedule posts/tweets to share with our followers. I have visited some client sites to start putting faces to names and getting a feel for the operational side of the business. I can be researching and editing our blog posts. I can be encouraging team members on tasks that I need them to complete to carry on with my role. I have been looking into training for our guards on various subjects, most recently by compiling an autism awareness session ready to deliver to our team who work on sites with potentially vulnerable residents. Other training areas that I have been looking into include Mental health and suicide awareness. I am setting up some employee challenges and incentives such as employee of the quarter which not only gives staff morale a boost but can help me identify training and development needs.

Have you always worked in the security sector? No, my background is mainly retail based, weighted towards the admin side of the retail environment.

If not, what drew you to this line of work? I wanted an admin role in a new environment to expand my skill set as I am currently a psychology undergraduate and wish to start putting my studies to use

What new skills have you learnt from your role? I have recently completed my SIA licence course. I have been expanding my general office skills, and have learnt to find my way around our bespoke guard management software.