Day in the life of : Shezad Ali

Name: Shezad Ali

Job Role: Security Officer

Time with the company: 29.04.2019 - now

Describe a typical shift: I normally arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of my shift. I’ll complete the hand over with the day/night guard and then log on for shift. I’ll check the messages on the phone to see if there any new updates from our Company about the site or the general working practices for this role.

Following this, I’ll carry out a full internal and external patrol to make sure the site is secure, the doors are shut and locked, fencing is in-tact, no power tools have been left out or left on. If there are any discrepancies then I’ll make a note of it on the company phone.

Every hour I’ll carry out a patrol, or every half hour, depending on the site's assignment instructions. I will carry out thorough checks and note down anything untoward I come across.

I will also make recommendations to site and company management if I see any weaknesses in the overall Security of the premises.

Have you always worked in the security sector?

I initially started off as a Control Room Operator for a large national company. I was with them for 13 years until I was made redundant in December 2018. My role there included constant contact with Security and Cleaning staff, booking them on shift, assisting them with any roster or wage queries, completing incident and accident reports for them and much more.

What new skills have you learnt from your role?

Dealing with difficult people face to face rather than over the phone. How to Secure a site using my own initiative. Identifying potential hazards and security breaches. I’ve learnt how to compose myself when handling stressful situations, whereas on the phone you could put people on hold, mute or call them back.

Overall, it’s been an interesting and valuable experience. 


*Update* Shaz has now left the company and still works closely with us as part of the monitoring team within one of the monitoring stations we work alongside. We'll keep this up because, well, it was a pleasure to work with him.