Complete Security Solution for Valley Wholesale Carpets

The Brief

When growing their business, Valley Wholesale Carpets elected to take over a unit within the Newport city area. Having been previously used as an unofficial traveller site, the concern was that travellers would return as soon as contracts on the premises were exchanged.

The Solution

Working with a partner company, K9 Protection were able to task a specialist team of bailiffs in order to remove all trespassers from the site and replacing them with an around the clock security presence. Using both manned guarding and security K9's, along with various electronic countermeasures such as early warning alarms and remotely monitored CCTV, K9 Protection have successfully kept the premises free from intrusion, allowing the renovations required prior to trade to be carried out. Once the building has been completed and the operational phase of the project is entered, K9 Protection Ltd will hand the protection of the site over to a state of the art security system, backed by our own mobile patrol and emergency response services.

Valley Wholesale Carpets