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Covid Working - Operations Director

 As a company our whole way of working has changed since Coronavirus started to take hold of the country. As a operations team we have all located to working from home to safe guard ourselves and ensure we have a back up pool of staff if our frontline staff sickness level got too high. The next series of blogs are going to look at how each individual job role has changed in the last few weeks. Starting with our operations director, Paul Green who's role can be found in this post below.

6 months in

Hi all. Wow 6 months since I started my new role here at K9 Protection. Its flown by.  Every shift has taught me something new. There is so much more to security roles then the stereotypical standing on doors. I did a shadow shift on a student site before Christmas. I was nervous to leave the safe walls of my office behind but I was in good hands with one of our experienced guards. A shift in that type of environment can mean lots of multitasking as you take on several roles. First and foremost, the security of the residents is the main priority.