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Keeping ahead of technology

A common question we get asked at K9 Protection is "how are you going to increase value for money for us?". This is a question that I used to find offensive, I mean.. we're already offering a fair service for a fair price; it used to feel like we're being asked to cut corners whenever this question comes up.

ACS Stage 2 - The feedback

This is a follow-on from our Stage 1 debrief here:

Well. It's been a protracted journey to say the least, what with Covid restrictions frustrating the issue, but I'm pleased to say that we're finally through our first ever ACS Passport audit. The result? I couldn't be happier! Had you asked me after the first half of the audit, it would have been a different story and procedure manuals may have been tested for flight out of frustration, but we got there.

What is Security Guarding

What does Security Guarding mean to the dictionary

To answer the question of "What is security guarding", we should really start with the dictionary definition:

Security: "the state of being free from danger or threat."

Guard: "watch over in order to protect or control."

Returning to work with security in mind

One of the services we provide as a business is a site security audit where our assessor would look at the current security situation on your premises and provide recommendations to make it more secure. Today I want to share some of the areas we look at and reasons why they could be worth a moment of your time as your business returns from furlough. Some may not be immediately obvious as “security concerns” whilst others may feel like I’m telling Granny how to suck eggs, but they may all factor in a holistic approach to security.

First Aid for Mental Health

It's hard to imagine meeting anyone who hasn't been touched by a mental health emergency whether personally or through a family member or close friend. With emergency mental health care often being overlooked, the management team at K9 Protection felt it an important area to develop our understanding and ability to help people in a timely manner. When it came to prioritising the CPD made available to our staff, MHFA was the logical choice at the top of the list.