6 months in

Hi all. Wow 6 months since I started my new role here at K9 Protection. Its flown by.  Every shift has taught me something new. There is so much more to security roles then the stereotypical standing on doors. I did a shadow shift on a student site before Christmas. I was nervous to leave the safe walls of my office behind but I was in good hands with one of our experienced guards. A shift in that type of environment can mean lots of multitasking as you take on several roles. First and foremost, the security of the residents is the main priority.

Diary of a SIA door supervisors course : part 3

Day 3

Day 3 of the course was exam day. I arrived a bag of nerves. What if I can’t remember anything? What if I fail? I hate exams!!!

 The day started with some last-minute revision sessions (I had spent the evening before revising, but still felt nervous) and I did well in them, maybe I could do this after all.

How is the new girl getting on?

It has been nearly 3 months since I started in my role here at K9 Protection and I feel like I am finally settled in. I am not constantly checking my notes on how to do things. The day to day tasks come naturally to me now. I have a good routine set up for my working days which has ensured the tasks are prioritised and completed accurately. We have had positive reactions to new ideas implemented and our social media audience is growing at a slow and steady pace.

Day in the life of : Shezad Ali

Name: Shezad Ali

Job Role: Security Officer

Time with the company: 29.04.2019 - now

Describe a typical shift: I normally arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of my shift. I’ll complete the hand over with the day/night guard and then log on for shift. I’ll check the messages on the phone to see if there any new updates from our Company about the site or the general working practices for this role.