Frequently Asked Questions

With many years in the business, some questions come up on a fairly frequent basis, this page holds the answers to the most common things that come up.


Why don't your guards wear black "SECURITY" uniform

A conscious management decision - we feel that the all black security look can often give off the wrong impression. We don't provide night club bouncers, we provide a modern customer-oriented security team. All of our staff wear green company branded uniform and will always have both their company ID and their licence in a place where it's viewable.

Why don't your staff wear white shirts like traditional security guards?

If as a client you'd prefer our guards in a white shirt and blazer, we're happy to provide this. Our default uniform consists of highly functional clothing - the idea being that our guards look smart and corporate, but are also dressed practically for the duties they perform. Whereas white shirts are a great look for a security guard in an office environment, our non-white polo shirts, fleeces and rain jackets enable our guards to carry out the dirtier parts of their job without looking dishevelled for the remainder of their shift.

We would like your guards to wear our logo

K9 Protection are happy to dual-brand uniform for dedicated teams on long-term sites, we do not dual-brand with other security companies or wear another company's uniform - we do not guarantee a "white box" service when subcontracting.


The Job

Is the reality that guards just get their head down when it gets dark?

There's a long standing belief that security guards only come to work so they can get a good night's sleep. This may still be true for other companies, but at K9 Protection our guards are digitally monitored to ensure they are regularly checking in and patrols carried out. Our software was designed by our operations director after many years in the trade and has a "poacher turned gamekeeper" approach to ensuring a good job is carried out. If a guard misses a check in, the management team are alerted in real time. A line we often use in recruitment is "if all you want is take money from our client's pockets for doing the bare minimum job, it's not the company for you"

Is it true that anyone can be a security guard?

It's true that the initial training needed to attain an SIA licence sets the bar very low, and it's also true that thanks to many DWP schemes to clear the unemployment numbers over the years, a lot of people are in the security trade who have no interest in doing a good job. At K9 Protection, we do our best to whittle out the folks that consider a job as merely somewhere you attend. We are the only Living Wage Foundation accredited security guarding company based in Wales, and in return for paying a better-than-most wage the key thing we expect our team to do is care about the premises they're charged to protect.

Why do you make such a big thing about vetting?

We get asked this a lot. Vetting is critical. In the last 3 years alone we've filtered out thieves and drug users who are sill working within the industry for our competitors. We've had people who have a wholly unsuitable approach to security that has followed them around for their whole career. Without vetting, none of this would have come to light and these people could have potentially infiltrated our client sites. Everybody in the security industry says they carry out vetting, but the percentage of businesses that cut corners could be alarming.

And how about self employed guards, what's wrong with this?

There's nothing wrong with genuinely self employed guards. Unfortunately, the security industry is rife with companies who insist on their guards being self employed in order to keep the price low. By not employing the guards, the company is not liable for holiday pay, national insurance, pension payments, or ensuring the employee is paying the appropriate tax. Even more worrying is the fact that most security industry insurance policies do not cover subcontracted workers. 

The Service

Will you price match another quote?

If you get a better quote for your security provision, we'll always look at matching quotes where there's a like for like comparison, providing the competitor quote includes:

  • All guards on the books and paid PAYE (not self employed)
  • All guards being paid at least the Living Wage Foundation hourly rate
  • No rolled up holiday, charges for uniform or insurance passed on to the guards
  • Similar service levels for response times

We have no interest in undercutting that will invariably force us to cut corners, and won't look to beat a quote at any cost. We're always happy to requote you further down the line if you choose to give a cheaper service a try first.

Will you TUPE some of our current staff?

When there are existing staff members that will need to be taken on as part of your cover, we'll require a TUPE breakdown for the staff. Unfortunately, we cannot cherry pick which team members we take on. All staff subjected to TUPE would be trained up on our reporting procedures and systems and would be assigned a buddy contact at the same level within the business to help them transition.

How do we know you'll deliver on your promises?

A good question. At K9 Protection we have a small but efficient operations team who are actively monitoring our team for compliance against a wide ranging set of KPIs and continually steering our guard force to ensure they are working to your expectations. We can set our system to send you automated reports on patrol performance, and all response reports feature timestamps and SLA information. On top of this, we'll manage the account the way that works for you, so you're never far away from a dedicated contact who can adapt the service to your ever changing needs.