Diary of the new admin assistant part 1

 Hi I’m Sam and I’ve recently joined the team at K9 Protection Ltd as Admin assistant. Despite having admin experience, the world of security is a new field for me to venture into as my background is mainly retail based. This role included many aspects such as: general day to day office duties, dealing with customers, suppliers and brand reps. Ensuring the store was run legally (pricing, code checks, paperwork, licensing etc). Taking on the role of admin here at K9 has involved learning news systems and new job roles. I handle not only the general day to day office duties but marketing, social media, staff compliance and HR amongst other things.

 In order to do this role successfully and accurately I need to be able to talk the talk security wise. This means I need to be trained up to hold my own SIA license, as well as ensuring I fully understand any policies and procedures that are required of me such as vetting all staff to British standards, Data protection for both staff and clients and our loan worker policies ensuring all our staff are safe in their roles.

 I will be documenting my journey in my new role here on our blog and hope that it shows a side to the security industry that you don’t get to see very often.  A side where a female newbie entering a predominantly male market (females make up approximately 10% of the security industry in the UK) can enter with basic knowledge and build the skills to hopefully make a difference to the company, our staff and our clients. I am currently a psychology undergraduate and hope to be able to incorporate new skills and ideas I learn from my study into staff management.