My first month in my new role

Wow what a first month it’s been. It has flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far. Every shift has been different and I learn new skills each time I am in office.

 Finding my way around the computer systems has been my biggest challenge so far as we don’t only use everyday programs such as Microsoft office, but some bespoke internal systems which take a bit of getting used to. As well as this there are other programs new to me such as clear books. However, the more I use them the more familiar they get to me.

 Part of my new role is taking over the company’s social media accounts on twitter and Facebook. I have been conducting lots of research and brainstorming with Paul of what direction we want the accounts to take and came up with several ideas such as security tips, links to the blog posts (which is another area we wish to expand on) feel good stories related to the security industry and our recruitment cycles.

I have completed some site visits to get to know both staff and clients. The majority of my communication with them is via e mail so its been nice to put some faces to names. My SIA license course has been booked for mid Oct. Although slightly nervous of the unexpected it will be great to have knowledge of the industry to be able to complete my role more efficiently. I have also been reading up on the company’s policies and procedures to ensure I am following the rules I should be with the admin side of the business.