Keeping ahead of technology

A common question we get asked at K9 Protection is "how are you going to increase value for money for us?". This is a question that I used to find offensive, I mean.. we're already offering a fair service for a fair price; it used to feel like we're being asked to cut corners whenever this question comes up.

Fast forward several years, and I see it differently; we organically add value all the time as we strive to improve our service offering. In the last three years alone we have introduced several things to make life easier for our team and allow us to be more efficient on client site, be it better torches, more effective uniform, or new technologies. Of all the technologies that's changed the game for us, the number one by a country mile has to be the inclusion of FLIR thermal imaging scopes in our response kit. Imagine the scene; We receive a report of an intrusion and dispatch a patrol. The traditional method of searching a site (without a dog) would be a systematic search of each building, door by door, stepping back every time to ensure our safety. With a FLIR scope, the game has changed. Not only do the scopes detect humans and highlight them to our patrol, they can also detect heat leakage where someone's opened a door to hide and even fresh footprints where the ground temperature has been changed. A long drawn out job can now be largely carried out in a matter of minutes.

As we look at the next evolution of our service, we've opted to train some of our patrol guards as UAV pilots and invest in thermal drone technology, further expanding on our FLIR results by being able to put the thermal camera up above and thus search a wider area faster. The drone's thermal camera is far more advanced than the handheld scope and can be configured which heat ranges to alert to, even overlaying heat data on a real time image; recording evidence as it goes.