Adjusting our working environment

This weeks blog post takes a look at our 3 roles on the front line. Our mobile patrol guards, our site guards and our student services guards. All 3 roles have had to make changes to how they operate in the current situation.

Firstly lets take a look at our mobile patrols.

What is your job role within K9 protection?

My role is to carry out patrols around client premises and ensure they are secure, respond to alarms as they go off, and ferry supplies to site guards as needed. 

What's changed for you during the Coronavirus restrictions?

The volume of work has trebled over the last month or so with many more mobile patrols required than we would usually have. The lack of places to get coffee, take a comfort break and the need to carry a flask is all relatively new.

What have been the biggest challenges?

I've been stopped a couple of times by the Police and asked to verify my reason for travel, but nothing that isn't completely understandable. I've had to visit sites that are new to the patrol side of things, so new routes have had to be learned.

Is there anything you have enjoyed working this way?

The roads have been less busy, so getting from call to call has been easier. 


Next role to be looked at is our site guard.

What is your job role withing k9 protection?

 I am a Security Guard who works building sites.

What has changed about the way you work in the current climate?

 My job is the same but the big change is I'm now working days instead of nights, I'm a nightwalker not a daywalker so I prefer working nights. This is due to construction being paused at the moment and site now needing 24/7 cover.
Also another big change is I've had to temporarily close my Martial Arts Academy which I have run for 30 years and put on hold my sons competitive career, this is very frustrating.

What have been the biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is having to get up in the morning to go to work lol, I'm used to being up at that time but not used to getting up at that time.
Keeping in shape is also a challenge, although I workout at home with my sons it's not the same as being at my academy or the gym I attend.

Is there anything you have enjoyed about working this way?

 I always love school holidays and having my children home so this has been a pleasure, other than that though I will be glad to get back to normal.

What have you learned about yourself as a site guard from this situation?

 I really don't like working days lol. Seriously though I don't dislike day work but I do prefer working nights for multiple reasons.

What are the three things you're most looking forward to when the restrictions are lifted?

1. Re-opening my Academy
2. Getting back on track with the coaching of my son
3. Returning to night work

Finally is our student site guard role.

What is your job role within K9 Protection Ltd? 

Security Guard at the Cardiff University Student Union 

What has changed about the way you work in the current climate? 

I’d say I’ve been a lot more cautious. Little habits such as cleaning and bleaching all surrounding surfaces before I start a shift, to lower the chances of catching the virus. 

What have been the biggest challenges? 

The biggest challenge for me personally has been trying to keep myself busy throughout the shift. As I’m sure you’re aware, normally the Student Union is filled with people, either staff or students who have questions or need a hand with something. However, the footfall has dropped dramatically since the lockdown, so much so you’ll be lucky to see 5 people during a shift compared to the usual 100+. 

Is there anything you have enjoyed about working this way? 

I have personally enjoyed the quiet period as I’ve been able to get a lot more reading done than I’d previously been able to do, as the distraction is less. Even though the human interaction on a shift is crucial, I’m not one to complain about a quiet shift Haha. I’ve also been able to get a good understanding of the new site in a calm manner, instead of being thrown into the deep end with the site in full working order. 

What have you learnt about yourself as a site guard from this situation? 

I’m quite adaptive to most situations and sudden changes so that hasn’t surprised me. However, there are times where I do wish it was a bit busier which is not something I’d expect to be feeling. 

What are the 3 things you’re most looking forward to when the restrictions are lifted? 

I’m looking forward to being able to work on the site when it is fully functioning, getting to know the staff that work here outside of the K9 team and having more options on UberEats seeing as everyone is closed. 


 As you can see each role has experienced different changes. Our site guard is the least affected, while mobile patrols have increased due to business closures. Our student site is relatively new to us so just as the guards were getting familiar with the busy pace needed there it has now become a quiet space.