How is the new girl getting on?

It has been nearly 3 months since I started in my role here at K9 Protection and I feel like I am finally settled in. I am not constantly checking my notes on how to do things. The day to day tasks come naturally to me now. I have a good routine set up for my working days which has ensured the tasks are prioritised and completed accurately. We have had positive reactions to new ideas implemented and our social media audience is growing at a slow and steady pace.

My SIA door supervisor course has been and gone and despite my nerves about attending, I am pleased to say I passed. I am working on a series of blogs that share my week on the course which I will posting in the next few weeks. I hope it gives an insight into the industry from a female point of view, what the course covers and how much detailed we are trained in.

Since completing the course, I have sat in on several interviews with Dave for potential new recruits, this is to see the standard that we set when recruiting and to learn new skills. I have only ever sat in the potential employee seat at an interview so it was an eye opener. There are so many factors to consider whilst interviewing someone, it is not just asking the relevant questions and hitting the right criteria with the answers, it is checking someone’s body language, their appearance, punctuality. There is an observation test where applicants’ skills on reporting incidents is checked to see if it hits the high standard we expect and promise to our clients. As part of the interview process we verify the identity of the candidate and ask questions regarding previous employment history to check if it matches with the information already submitted on their application. All of the above is part of our screening and vetting process that every potential employee has to undertake prior to being offered a role within the business. The next step is checking full employment history and any gaps there whilst also gathering in professional and character references once they are offered a post.