Diary of a SIA door supervisors course : part 3

Day 3

Day 3 of the course was exam day. I arrived a bag of nerves. What if I can’t remember anything? What if I fail? I hate exams!!!

 The day started with some last-minute revision sessions (I had spent the evening before revising, but still felt nervous) and I did well in them, maybe I could do this after all.

We had 3 exams to sit that day, 1 for each module we had learnt and they were all multiple-choice questions. We had to sit them one after the other, so at least there was no hanging around too much. The first exam (common security industry knowledge) went well. I felt my confidence build as I read each question, I knew the answers (at least I thought I did).  After a short break it was on to exam number 2 (Door supervisor specialist module) this was my favourite module as it was so varied. I felt confident before starting this one as I had enjoyed the study sessions so much and upon seeing the questions, I knew I had managed too learn the module as I remembered the correct answers well. Finally, was exam number 3 (conflict management) This was the exam I felt least confident about as I found it the least enjoyable (and a little scary too) but I needed have worried as the questions were straight forward again.  After our lunch break, we had a chat about the exams and how we felt it had gone, others were like me nervous to start then felt it had gone well. We then spent the rest of the afternoon tackling terrorism training, something i had already done in my role at K9 protection so it was a good refresher for me.