Preparing to shut down

As we start to plan the final phase of our Christmas shutdowns, it’s a great opportunity to carry out an internal audit and ensure you’re satisfied with your security prior to leaving your premises for the festive period.

At K9 Protection, we attend several call outs each year which could have been avoided with some basic housekeeping actions prior to packing up for the holidays. As you’ll understand, we deal with a number of industries and not all advice is relevant to all businesses, but hopefully you’ll find some benefit in at least some of the information on this post.

  • Check your perimeter – Don’t just assume your fence line is in order; take the time to walk test it. Look for things like:
    • Rotten wooden hoardings
    • Cut or corroded wire fencing
    • Climbable street furniture – consider re-routing temporary fencing
    • Could a child get underneath?
  • Ensure your CCTV system is fit for purpose:
    • Is it recording on all cameras?
    • Are cameras free from debris and obstructions?
    • Are all lenses clean?
    • Are there any ongoing “isolations” with your monitoring company that can be resolved?
    • Ideally, get the system serviced prior to shutdown
  • Is your alarm working as it should? As with CCTV, it’s a good time to get your alarm in order:
    • Resolve any intermittent issues/broken zones etc
    • Ensure the communication with the receiving centre is working
    • Ensure your keyholder information is up to date – it might be different keyholders over the festive period
    • It’s a good time to delete any redundant users from the alarm panel.
  • Do all your locks work? It sounds silly, but it’s not uncommon to find doors wedged throughout the year.
  • Don’t leave anything that would allow an intruder to bypass your security by going in through a higher floor – We often see ladders, stacked IBCs and skips used to enable access
  • Lock up your equipment – Whether it’s a pallet truck or an excavator. If someone sees something on an obviously closed site, it’s at risk.
  • Off-hire as much as you can – Not only does off-hiring save you money, but it reduces the number of machines on site that can potentially be stolen or vandalised.
  • Secure fuels & consumables. Consider placing fuel bowsers inside secure containers where possible and weighting down the hatches using remaining plant.
  • If you use Heras style fencing, we’ll let you in to a secret… it’s not very secure! To maximise the security it offers you, ensure that you:
    • Double clip each join
    • Consider using security clips
    • Ensure you brace the fence regularly
    • Ensure all feet are in serviceable condition and sufficiently weighted down
  • Consider adding a secondary high security padlock to your main gates and any other points of entry (remember to get a key to your keyholders) – Throughout the year, we often see codes which have been given out to literally hundreds of contractors, or even written on the back of the gate concerned. Reduce the risk of internal theft by adding a secondary lock.
  • Check your perimeter – We’ve said it once, but carry out a final check of your perimeter to ensure you’re confident it’s secure.
  • Finally, it’s not just security issues that could cause unwanted problems. Pre-empt issues that could cause issues, such as:
    • Leaky pipes
    • Shut-down boilers
    • Christmas decorations
    • Kilns
    • Obstructed guttering & drainage
  • Let your security company know any additional “over and above” areas you’d like checked on their routine patrols.

At K9 Protection, we work with commercial, industrial and construction clients in order to provide a complete suite of security services. If you’d like us to carry out a complete security audit of your premises, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’re looking for a keyholding company for just the Christmas period, we can help with that too with a package deal that includes full alarm response cover and scattered mobile patrols.

We know that 2020 has been a rough year for nearly all of our clients in one way or another, so we’d like to wish you a peaceful and pleasurable Christmas, and lets all hope that 2021 kicks 2020 in to touch.