Home-based administration in lockdown

This week is all about how my role as admin has changed during lockdown. 


What is your job role within K9 protection?

Admin assistant

What has been the biggest change to the way you work?

I am now working from home.  My job role itself has not changed I am still doing everything I would have done in the office as my laptop is fully set up to access all the K9 protection systems. Rather then doing several long shifts per week i am now dipping in and out of my work throughout the day as and when something arises that needs my attention.  I have also taken on some patrol's where I go and check a site is safe and secure. 

What have been the biggest challenges? 

Finding a new routine that works for myself, the business and my family. At the office I have my day running smoothly as I know what needs doing when. Now spreading work out over the week whilst juggling home schooling my eldest and my youngest erratic sleep patterns due to him being autistic whilst keeping on top of my university studies can mean i get work done at 2 am some days whilst my youngest builds train sets. Also not seeing my work colleagues has not been nice. We have such a good work environment in the office whatt's app conversations and zoom meetings does not make up for it. 

Is there anything you have enjoyed about working this way?

Not commuting has been nice. It has also been lovely spending so much time with my family. However, I have missed my daily routines and colleagues. 

What 3 things are you looking forward to when lockdown is lifted?

1. Celebrating with my family. We have had my dads 70th birthday, my parents 50th wedding anniversary, my eldest son's birthday and my birthday during lockdown. 

2. Day trips with my boys. As a family we love going out, trips to the beach, walks in the countryside, visiting a national trust site and I can't wait to start enjoying these days again.

3. Meeting up with my friends. Before lockdown we would get together for dog walks, coffee, a browse round the shops and i have really missed that and my friends.