6 months in

Hi all. Wow 6 months since I started my new role here at K9 Protection. Its flown by.  Every shift has taught me something new. There is so much more to security roles then the stereotypical standing on doors. I did a shadow shift on a student site before Christmas. I was nervous to leave the safe walls of my office behind but I was in good hands with one of our experienced guards. A shift in that type of environment can mean lots of multitasking as you take on several roles. First and foremost, the security of the residents is the main priority. So regular patrols on the building are carried out ensuring all is safe and well.  We ensure the site phone is always to hand as if a student needs us, we can answer and be to them withing a matter of minutes. We also work as a concierge. If there’s are any technical problems, we can get in touch with maintenance to get the problem resolved. A student gets locked out we can help them gain access to their room. We monitor and respond to any fire alarms to name just a few things.

Back in the office I have been dealing with my usual day to day tasks such as incident logs, e mails, and general admin and HR. On top of this we have been recruiting for a new site in the Bristol area which means lots applications to work through and then vetting once candidates have been chosen.  We have also been getting to grips with a program that’s new to the company… Microsoft dynamics. It meant to help us keep better track of e mail conversations and as a virtual phone book for all our contacts. It can also be used as a marketing tool. It’s a big program but I am slowly finding my way round it. Lots of enquiries of new work means i have have become a proof reader for all the briefs put together for potential new clients.