Armed Forces Covenant

One of the things that goes hand in hand with working within the security industry is supporting our armed forces. As an employer, we often receive applicants who have both left the forces, or are signed up as reservists. I'm pleased to have been able to take the step today to sign the Armed Forces Covenant - an opportunity to go a little further in showing our support for the military. 

Initially, signing the covenant is a way to show our support, but under the hood it says so much more. I see signing the covenant as a pledge between ourselves and those who serve to show we've got their back and are open to helping when we can. As part of the covenant, I've signed on behalf of the business to say that we will:

  • Seek to support the employment of veterans - Something we're going to be working harder on in the future.
  • Supporting the employment of service spouses and partners, offering a degree of flexibility around deployments - not something that massively affects us right now, but we will always support those that need it.
  • Seeking to support our employees who choose to be members of reserve forces - We will always do our best to provide the support our employees need to serve Queen and Country.

In addition to this, we will do all we can to help our local cadet forces, and to participate more in Armed Forces Day - Whether by providing our manpower resources for free, or helping to market the events is yet to be seen - but it's something we'll be doing more of.

If anyone has any suggestions for how else we can get involved, drop me an email over (pgreen)