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At K9 Protection, security guards are our bread and butter.

There are many suppliers for security guards in Wales, and each security guarding provider offers a varying level of quality. People of Cardiff, Newport, and the South Wales Valleys generally visit our web site for one of two things; either to find work as a security guard, or to commission our services and deploy security guards to their business. The design of this page is therefore multi-purpose, and will aim to tell you what a security guard does, what makes our company and security guards different, and finally a brief outline of how we recruit staff.

Security Guards - What do they do

Being a security guard isn't the walk in the park that many people assume it may be. Whether our professional security staff are patrolling a building site, or managing the concierge desk in an office environment, they are there for a reason. Security is always going to be a cost, and typically people will only deploy security guards with valid reason; possibly as a reaction to a recent spate of metal theft, or possibly in order to reduce employee and supplier theft. According to the Centre For Retail Research, in retail alone for the year 2012-2013, of the £4.7bn losses reported through criminal action, over £1.9bn is apportioned to employees and suppliers.

Proactive Guarding

Security Officer's NotebookOur security guards spend the shift splitting their time between patrolling, monitoring cameras, and making their presence known to any would-be trespasser or thief. When would-be opportunists notice the presence of a security guard, it often encourages them to reconisider their plans; when professional criminals are aware of the presence of a security guard, it makes you a "hard-target", which has been proven on many occasions to get your business seen as a less attractive prospect when compared with your competitors when it comes to theft.

Reactive Guarding

When our guards are called to deal with an incident, they are all trained in several disciplines which are useful in protecting your assets.

  • Obstruction - reducing the opportunity to commit a criminal act against your business
  • Restraint - increasing the chance of obtaining a conviction by holding the suspect until such time as the Police arrive
  • Scene Preservation - when an offence has been committed, our guards will protect the scene from contamination and keep the area as sterile as possible for forensic specialists
  • Recording - Ensuring that an accurate record is made in the guard's pocket book and on our incident log, increasing the chance of a conviction.

Professional Security Guards

At K9 Protection, we aim to supply South Wales with highly professional security guards. Each fully vetted security guard is assigned work based around their abilities and skill set, with many coming from a background in Police, Military, or lengthy service in the security industry. Our guards are punctual, personable, and dependable, and all of them are capable of communicating in a clear and concise manner. Each member of our team wears a company ID card at all times which can be verified around the clock.

When guards are working un-supervised, we operate a lone worker safety system which both ensures the safety of our staff and also ensures they check in on a regular basis, allowing our supervisors to see at a glance which guards are deployed, and where. Our manager and director make unplanned spot-checks to our guards, giving them the opportunity to carry out an audit of key performance indicators (KPI), but also to meet with each guard and discuss their role over a coffee. Our KPI average for the quarter between December 2013 and February 2014 was 100%.

Each one of our sites is provided with a detailed site manual specific to that site which includes the expectations we have of our staff, uniform requirements, and emergency contact lists. Our staff can log in through our extranet and access the company's procedure manuals and any forms they require.

At K9 Protection, our managers spend roughly a third of their time operationally on front line guarding duties, whether that be on rostered shifts or covering sickness and holiday leave - this is an ethos that will stay with the company, and allows our senior team to understand the real world issues affecting both our guarding staff, and our client's business.

As a company, K9 Protection work to the standards laid out in ISO9001, and are ready for the SIA Business Licensing regime when it comes in to force.

K9 Protection aim to be a paperless company by April 2015.

Security Recruitment

K9 Protection are a committed employer, and on an average week when we're not recruiting, we'll get between ten and eighty people contact us with an interest in working for us. This volume of applications allows us to select the best candidates to go forward with the application process. We always take on board the input from our team, and prefer to recruit by word of mouth from our existing security guards. After an initial interview, our team will discuss and decide on each candidate's suitability, followed by successful applicants being invited to go through vetting. At K9 Protection, our management team carry out all of the vetting processes, and will ensure that only the right people get to don our uniform.

We encourage staff to stay with us by doing our best to look after them. We pay a higher wage for our security guards than 80% of the security industry, and our staff are paid during their breaks. When carrying out audit visits and spot checks, our managers will never visit empty handed, often bringing our team a hot beverage and snack.


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