Security Dogs

It's a well known fact within the security industry that a security dog can do the work of up to five guards; with their experienced nose, dashing good looks, and "come get some" smile, a security K9 can be both an excellent deterrent, and a sensitive early warning system. K9 Protection's handlers are all trained to either NASDU, NIPDT or BIPDT standards, and all carry out regular continuation training. In addition to regular dog handling, for specialist projects we are able to source specialist dog teams, whether it be for high value asset protection, detection, or public relations. 

Security Guard DogSecurity Patrol Dogs

K9 Protection are able to deploy security dogs across South Wales from Llantrisant to Newport via Cardiff, pontypridd and anywhere in between with short notice, and are lucky enough to have various handlers available to us for specific roles, ranging from high end asset protection, to routine site patrols and general criminal deterrent work - traditional guard dog work for want of a better phrase.

Our dogs are much more than just "guard dogs" - the service they provide is so much more; officially branded as "General Purpose Security Dogs", and the intelligence behind the service is far more involved than in times gone by. We work within the bounds of the Guard Dogs Act, which states that guard dogs should always be under full control of the handler - not only meaning that our dogs remain on a lead, but also are current with their training and familiar with their SIA Licensed handlers.

All of our dog handlers are connected in to our lone worker protection system, meaning that our office can see who's on what site, and the handlers have to communicate with the office within a specified time-frame to ensure they are both safe and alert.

Security Search Dogs

Security dog trackingAll security dogs will search, and all have been trained to detect human scent, and therefore have an uncanny abilty to find lost property, find people who think they're safe from detection, and make any would-be trespasser very aware of the fact that they're being detected, often from over 50 yards away.

In the last 12 months, our security dogs have found several potential trespassers hiding in scrub land, many fence jumpers at festivals waiting to breach the fence line, and one unconscious festival goer in need of emergency medical attention through a suspected substance use.

In addition to the basic search and tracking facilities provided by our general purpose security dogs, K9 Protection are able to source dedicated search dogs for specific substances, whether that be narcotic detection dogs, or explosive detection dogs. As both of these are a highly specialised area, please contact us to discuss your needs in full detail. 

K9 Overwatch

When your staff are working on vulnerable sites, it can sometimes be both beneficial and reassuring to have an experienced security dog handler providing over-watch to your project, helping to keep you both in budget and to schedule. Our dog handler is able to position themselves where they can both see your workers, and respond quickly to pacify any threat that should occur, whether that be to property or life.

Industry Myths

As with any industry, there are sometimes some myths and misconceptions which occasionally need to be addressed. Anyone who is operating within the security dog industry has to adhere to the same regulations and there are no exceptions or extra levels of training which can currently be used to circumvent the legislation.

Whilst there is no legal requirement to hold a qualification as a dog handler other than a basic security guarding license, it is generally a requirement of the dog handler's insurance that they be appropriately qualified. If it came to pass that a dog handler with no formal training allowed a dog to attack, there is a possibility that some liability would fall on their employer, and possibly client for not showing due diligence.

It is in breach of the Guard Dogs Act 1975 to utilise a guard dog which is not under the "full control of it's handler" - Meaning in the eyes of the legislators, it is not possible to leave guard dogs to free roam within a yard. The days of Apollo and Zeus being allowed to roam free at night have passed. A good security dog team will be able to work on site with your staff with no problems; all we ask is that nobody attempts to pet our dogs.


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