Keyholding Services

K9 Protection provide a keyholding service to clients and currently have mobile vehicles on patrols in Newport and Cardiff. We like to think that we provide a competitive response time at a competitive price; and if for any reason we fail to meet the target set within our service level agreement, we will automatically credit the client a percentage of the call out fee.

Levels of keyholding

Alarm Response

Nobody likes the thought of being woken in the middle of the night to attend a burglar alarm at your business premises. In addition to the inconvenience, the risk to a member of staff attending could potentially be high, which is where an alarm response services from K9 Protection Ltd comes in. Upon receiving a call from your security monitoring service (or designated alarm system), K9 Protection Ltd will dispatch a guard to attend your site. The guard will check the site is secure and that there are no obvious signs of break in. If the site needs sealing, we will involve you in a discussion to decide on the best option, whether that be deploying a guard to the site, boarding up a broken window, or the client sending an employee down, but should the site be secure with no signs of entry, we will reset the alarm and make you aware during the next business day.

In addition to liaising with you as the client, we will ensure that all the information we can provide is given to the Police and Fire service, and will call them on your behalf if their attendance is required.

With no alarm response:

Alarm Response No Security

With alarm response:

Alarm Response With Security

Our Alarm Response Times

This information is an average of the last 60 days, taken in real time from our guard management system and could change on a day to day basis.

Mobile Security Patrols

Alarm Response FlowchartSome clients need a little more. Whether in addition to a remotely monitored alarm system, or a site where such a system doesn't exist, K9 Protection's officer will attend your site for a pre-agreed number of visits during your closed periods; our security officer will check the pre-defined points on site and ensure they are secure. It's often said that the mere presence of a security officer and our signage is sufficent to deter a large number of opportunistic break-ins. Whether you require a simple check-in once your building has been secured, or a more complex plan of dusk 'til dawn mobile patrols, K9 Protection are able to provide assistance at a schedule and a budget to sut you. 

K9 Protection charge on a per-vist basis, and the number of visits can be increased at times of increased need.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements in further detail, and allow us to propose a solution which works for you.

Building Opening & Closing

When high value stock is involved, it is often safer to use the services of a keyholding provider to avoid your staff needing to hold keys. Similar to the way in which a safety deposit box works, our keyholding patrol would attend within a set time window with your staff, with one of them holding one half of the keys required for opening, and the other holding the second half. Our keyholder would carry out a cursory check in the immediate perimeter, and then proceed to assist in the opening of your business premises. This is a specialist service and tailored to the individual client's needs - it's also a service which often requires a high level of confidentiality. Contact us today and one of our team can arrange to meet up with you away from your premises to discuss your needs in detail.


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