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A few years ago, we noticed a worrying number of clients make the sudden jump to solely using technology based security solutions. Whilst technology is great, it's only as good as the humans that program it, manage it, and support it. The current trend in security seems to have settled on a hybrid solution, where a good quality CCTV system is backed up by a good quality guarding service; mixing and matching at various stages of a project, depending on the perceived threat at that time.

Here at K9 Protection, we don't offer temporary CCTV systems ourselves; we have a strategic partnership with a local CCTV installation company with a long history of providing these specialist systems to clients. As a client, you get the best of both worlds - you get specialists, but you get one point of contact. Whether you take on your guarding service through us and ask us to arrange CCTV, or take on your CCTV and alarms through our partner company and ask them to arrange your guarding cover, it makes no difference to what you pay, or how smoothly your account is serviced. As far as the client is concerned, you're dealing with a slightly different cog on a finely oiled machine.

Please contact us today to discuss hybrid services, and see how we can help you to effectively secure your site. 


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