Unique Selling Points?

Unique Selling Points?

What are our USPs

In security, there are several frustrations, and the one that comes up the most is “security are all the same”. As in any industry, this assumption is often a narrowly disguised way of saying “cost is the primary factor” when selecting a supplier, but sadly is not true. There are many unique selling points, or USPs to each company, and sometimes it’s worth looking under the bonnet to see just what you’re getting for your money, and how much that extra penny per man hour is really costing you.

As an operations manager in a security company, and as someone that has carried out the same role within two security companies, I’m proud to say, I AM OUR USP. My vision and enthusiasm for the industry are what carries us through, combined with the motivational skills of my colleague David Martin, we make a pretty good team in which to bequeath the safety of your property. We are the only security company that I am aware of that in recent years has striven to rise pay and improve conditions for staff. We are the only one that I am aware of that will say “NO” to you guys, the client, when you wish to place a guard in the middle of a field with nothing around him but a chicken-wire fence and a handful of cows, two miles from any form of welfare facility. We aren’t there yet – I dream of the day that ask our web developers to add a “living wage foundation” certification to the front page of our website, and the day that signing out of the Working Time Directive isn’t the only way that guards can make a living. These are just some of the visions I have, and the steps I feel that compromising would start to destroy what we’ve done at K9 Protection over the years – Luckily enough, I have a very good Managing Director who believes in my vision!

It’s easy to preach about how great we are to staff and about staff retention, but I really can – I’ve had one guard leave through his own steam in four years, and he came back to work for us on a casual basis. Our staff turnover is low, and this is a major USP – when people come to work for K9 Protection, they tend to stick around; why is this a USP? It means that our guarding staff become professionally familiar with your business and your staff, that we can integrate and ensure that everything works smoothly.

I’m sure every sales pitch from a security company that you get will tell you how great their staff are, and how they comply with BS7858 (vetting process). BS7858 gives a company three months to completely vet a member of staff, and makes no requirement for instant vetting. I make a promise to all clients : I WILL NOT USE A MEMBER OF STAFF ON YOUR SITE WHERE WE HAVE NOT TAKEN VERBAL REFERENCES FROM THEIR EMPLOYMENT HISTORY.  The number of times that I cruise through Facebook groups and see security companies recruiting for staff for an “immediate start” makes my blood boil.  In a recent case, I heard of a competitor winning a contract, then on the day of starting contacting two of my dog handlers and begging them to work for them for less than we pay our guards. Another USP? I will not take a contract at any cost, and will ensure that I can provide the staffing that I need at a price that suits.

We are the only security company that I am aware of that insist on our operations team spending a quarter of their time in the operational field, that is to say that myself, David, and even our administration staff will go out and actually guard our client’s sites. How does this help, and how is it a USP? As an Operations Manager, I’m responsible for working with clients to write the assignment instructions which are used by our guards on site, and also generating the risk assessments, which are often done at a point where the site is sterile.  How would I know if the assignment instructions are working if I haven’t actually tried to follow them? By working on a client site, I am able to acid test our procedures and make suggestions to the client of what needs revising in the real world, also, what better way to stay humble and remind me of the conditions that I’m placing guards in than to do it myself?

How many other companies can say they designed their own lone-worker system and patrol management from the ground up? Very early on at K9 Protection, I was frustrated by the level of service from a number of lone worker solutions, so it was a no-brainer to take my background in the IT industry and throw something together, and nearly four years on, we have a sister company providing lone worker and patrol management solutions to the industry.  How is this a USP? Simple – Our clients know that our lone-worker policy requires something from the guards, and not just a half-asleep “I’m OK” on a telephone call. From a patrol management point of view, the USP is that I’ve seen people who use “pipe” or “QR” style patrol management points on site, only for the guards using a pipe to work out a way of removing the check points and replacing them at the end of each shift. With the QR code system, The perk of being a dog handler is that much of our work is subcontracted to other security companies, and as such you get to see all manner of things - I’ve actually witnessed a guard who’s taken photos of all the QR codes on his site, and scans them from his smart phone throughout the course of a shift.

So, that lists just some of our unique selling points – how many pence an hour above the competition is that worth to you?

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