Frequent Myths

Over the years, we've heard many myths regarding security guarding services, both in South Wales and the UK on the whole. This list aims to dispel the myths:

"All security guards are idiots"

Not true - Whilst there are some people out there in any trade that give it a bad name, at K9 Protection, we have the pleasure of employing a number of experienced career security professionals, people who've been in the trade for many years and carry out their job with pride.

"Anyone can get a security license"

Sadly, with the inception of the Security Industry Authority, this is very much true, in an attempt to drive up standards, sadly, when coupled with a recession the security industry is filled up with a number of people who's heart simply isn't in it.

"All companies are the same, you're all fishing from the same pond"

Again, this is a statement that we've heard multiple times over the years. While there is an element of truth in the fact that the experienced security labour pool has many cross-overs, the same guards will work differently under a different style of management, and, of course, for a different pay-check. Many security companies pay their guarding staff no more than minimum wage, and some do this in ways we feel are unethical. At K9 Protection, we're small enough to know our entire workforce personally, and as such can nurture the best from them, meaning our staff turnover is lower, and employee satisfaction is higher.

"Sales staff will say anything to close a deal"

This may well be true. At K9 Protection we don't have sales staff, our sales are all carried out by our operations team, both of whom are spend at least one week in any month in a front line security role, working alongside our security guards. We don't dress things up, and everything is looked at from an operational perspective - whether it's a coffee machine, or a multi-site guarding contract, we know how frustrating it can be when something doesn't live up to expectations.

"Security guards just wait for people to go home, then go to sleep"

Another myth surrounding the security profession is that all we do is wait until nobody can see us, and get our heads down, leaving the site wide open to loss. At K9 Protection, we take several steps to minimise the chances of this:

  • We recruit the right security guards, and carry out a complete recruitment process including full vetting before we deploy anyone.
  • We use SMS Life-Check software in order to monitor guards whilst on site
  • We use GPS Lone-Worker software in order to monitor guards locations on some contracts
  • Our supervisors see our guards regularly - Even on remote sites, we factor one supervisory hour for every 40 man-hours
  • We guarantee you with our Total Service Guarantee that if a guard is ever found asleep, we will credit the whole shift

"People charge for guards, and then share them across other people's sites"

This is a comment we've heard a couple of times recently, and it seems to be coming more regular. K9 Protection will never charge multiple customers for the same labour. We have some customers who choose to partner with their neighbours to spread the cost, but we feel that "ghosting" staff is highly unethical.



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