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Apply to work with K9 Protection Ltd.

Important: Please read all of the content on this page before applying.

You do not need to print this document, simply save and send it to us by clicking the button on the last page once you've filled in all the applicable fields. All red fields need a value, and signature fields can be signed by clicking the fountain pen icon on the bottom of the screen. Please read the instructions further down the page before sending your form in to avoid sending us a blank form.

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Once your application has been made, you will receive an automated email to advise that we have received it.

  • We do not take telephone enquiries relating to recruitment - no exceptions.
  • We do not deal with recruitment agencies, including government backed "Job Match" type schemes. If your applicants wish to apply, they are more than welcome, but we do not allow third-party involvment in our recruitment process.
  • We expect all applicants to be able to travel to sites within our region within a reasonable time-frame - If your postal address is further than a 30 minute drive from the role you are applying for, please add notes on your form with your travel arrangements.
  • If you have been recommended to work for K9 Protection Ltd from an existing employee, please name them on the bottom of the form - if you're successful, they get a finders fee.

Important Notes:

You will be required to fill in the form on line and send it to us electronically. In order to do this, you need to download it by right clicking and saying save file/save link (it cannot be filled in within a web browser - it will let you think it's working, then not allow you to save it!).

You will need a version of Adobe Reader above version 9.0 - With the frequency that Adobe auto-update thier software, this should be installed on your system - if not, you can download it by googling "Adobe Get Reader". It has to be the free Adobe Reader app. Your phone's built in office viewer will not work.

The form will need to be digitally signed in two places - don't worry.. it's really easy. You may have signed a form before with Acrobat - Many credit agreements and insurance policies now require you to do this. If you haven't done it before, it's pretty simple:

On a Desktop PC

Once you have filled in the form and are ready to sign, it's really easy. Just click in the places where your signature is required. If this is the first time you've ever digitally signed a form, Adobe will ask you for a few details.. your name, your email address, and a password - something that only you know which means that you can securely sign forms in the future. The digital signature will be stored on your PC - the default location is fine.

You will notice that your signature is text, rather than your normal signature - this is normal, and it's perfectly OK in the digital age.

When you sign a form, Adobe will require you to save it at that point - it might seem annoying to have to save a document multiple times while you're filling it in, but it's all about the integrity of your signature. We need to be able to prove a chain of integrity when it comes to vetting.

On a Tablet or Mobile Phone

Signing a document on a tablet or mobile is still a little more traditional. As long as you're running the latest version of Adobe Reader, all you need to do is hold your finger in the signature box and press the "Sign" button (it looks like the nib of a fountain pen). This will bring up a box where you can sign with your finger on the screen.

Once you've done this, you can send the form across by pressing the "send application" button on the last page - this will open your default email client and send the application directly to our recruitment administrator to process.

Why do we do this?

We've been asked why we have moved to a digitally signed form by a couple of applicants (and JobMatch "experts") - The reasons are multiple, but simple:

  • The digital form speeds things up internally for us.
  • There is information on the form which previously had to be copied manually in to our systems - the digital form removes that margin for error.
  • It's environmentally sound - We strive to be as paperless as possible, and as such prefer not to have a mountain of paperwork in the office. The forms are stored on a secure server which is backed up to an encrypted server in a second data-centre.
  • Uniformity of information - If you make a mistake, there's no messy scribbles or reprinting of forms required.

Can I still apply on paper?

With immediate effect, K9 Protection will only accept paper applications where there are exceptional circumstances. It is worth mentioning that K9 Protection use a number of digital systems, so where it may be possible to print an application form on paper, if you are successful within the company you will be expected to use the digital systems in place.